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Heather Lucchesi

Bridging the Pedagogical Gap provided a rare opportunity to research and reflect on my workshop practice and to make connections between the theories of Positive Teaching, Positive Psychology and Inclusion.  This research highlighted and clarified approaches I was using instinctively and gave me the confidence to develop and make changes to my approach.


My contribution to our online zine will feature the key concepts of Positive Teaching and their relationship to creativity and successful art activities in particular.

Download the research zine below:


Heather Lucchesi is a visual artist based in Edinburgh, with a background in textile design and teaching in secondary and special education. In 2015 she founded a social enterprise, Light Bulb Arts, dedicated to exploring the health and wellbeing benefits
of taking part in inclusive art activities.


She leads fun, welcoming and challenging projects in communities, schools and gallery settings.

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